Saturday August 26, 2017

Garden Program kick off at the East Tennessee Technology Access Center. For more details see our events page.

The Lives We Impact



  • Arts Programs: Art, Music and Dance 
  • Our Place Art Camp
  • Vocational and Life Skills Program
  • Family Support: Parent and Sibling Workshops
  • Community Events: Annual Back to School Disability Resource Fair

“Our Place did an excellent job not only meeting Ally's social needs but encouraging her to use art to express her creativity. Her work was frankly astonishing, in light of her physical limitations. The end of the summer art show demonstrated that Ally was not only one with latent talents."


​Parent of Our Place Art Participant 

Devote an afternoon to volunteering at one of our creative workshops and see first-hand the individuals we help. Find out how you can contribute to the future of participants in our programs through donations of money and time. 

Our Place Art Organization Incorporated is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities through the arts.

Our Place Art Organization Incorporated provides monthly therapeutic classes for youth and adults with disabilities. This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.

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Our Misson

“How do you thank someone for providing not just a place for my child to experience art but a place where she belonged, made friends, explored her world? It's much more than art to her to us. We live in a world that often provides very little respite from the stress of daily living with disabilities and Our Place Art made us forget about our problems and focus on our ABILITIES! The Art Show gave to Emily and all others a sense of accomplishment and each child had art they could be proud to share. Thank you so much. You offered a place to do art and gave so so much more!"



Parent of Our Place Art Participant

Thursday June 1, 2017

Our Place: Arts and Garden Program a recipient of the Tennessee Disability Coalition Small Grant Program. 

Saturday August 5, 2017

Back to School Health & Disability Resource Fair from 9:00 am to 3 pm at Central Baptist Church, Fountain City.